Blind Attire

As we dress ourselves sadness,

Weeping is a ploy to keep away from hope.

Why live when we can die?

Why fight when we can cry?

Are dreams mean nothing, because we forgot to close our eyes.

Nothing but antidepressants keeping us standing.

Broken down are we,

Just another basket case.

What do we believe  about ourselves?



Ticking Hands, Taking Hands

Tick, tick, tick
The time passes by
Minutes are leaving
Never to return
This little clock
So haunting
Is it mocking
Cursing me
Everything runs away
Never to return
Wanting something
Something more
Oh, cruel hands
They do nothing
Nothing but take
In my silence
You shout
Shout at me
Reminding me
All the things lost
Never to come again
Tick, tick, tick…

Un-Equally Equal

I am not you, and you are not me

That is something that will never be

Created to be different

Yet born from the same seeds

We are intertwined by many commonalities

But we will never be the same

Difference will always separate us

It only becomes negative by choice

A decision to corrupt it all

Distorting the truth

Making it into something untrue

Creating an un-needed rift

Evil makes different a crime

A shame one must change

Or protest to the extreme

Hate is more than a simple word

It is the activist of discrimination

Accept me not you

We need to be this to be whole

Change your ways but I will not

Why believe such lies

Why continue on in fallacy

We are all imperfectly Human

Haters and corrupt personalities

Selfish bastards to the end

Trying to get the world to accept us

Whether we realize it or not

Even if you do not accept it

This is reality

We all have experienced pain

Let us choose another way

As light expels the dark

Let the perfect love encompass us all

Surround with wholeness

Know truth is so much more

That there is only one truth

We are all broken

Don’t add to the shattered pieces

Do not be what you claim to hate

Be the change you wish to see

Connect in the place we all are born from

Stand up for integrity

Stand up so you will not fall



We did Wish, Once

When did we stop wishing?
Why do we stop dreaming?
The world is so cruel,
The darkness overflowing.
Are we really so weak,
To let all our hopes be shattered?
Is our will to fight so brittle?
The desire to survive does not thrive.
What a world we live in,
What a world we create.
How sad that all that we could be
May never be.
The choices we make,
Through each experience,
All those consequence,
Our destiny is molded.
Will we enjoy victory?
Our remained crushed?

Not Resurrected, but Reborn

Why fix the broken? Why undo what was done?

The shattered me, it’s no longer me. Who I was is not who I am.

What has been done will never define who I am, for I will be more.

Take all the pieces and start over new, begin again, be renewed.

I will be rebuilt from the ashes I was, rising up into the future.

Striving to be something beautiful from the filth forced upon me.

Rise up and bloom oh blossom from the muck you were buried in.

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What Is Thy Dwelling Place

Though my soul waits in darkness, it awaits the burning light. Something that will warm the cold enthroned upon my shattered heart. When will my freedom call, to set this captive free? A longing for a much deeper hold on life grips me undyingly. To shudder from the fear lingering in my very being, is the curse I live with each and every day. The moments crawl on by, slithering across the sands of time. Broken is my memories of anything beautiful in life, when shall life be lived in this hollow time I dwell?

Fleeting Thoughts, Beautiful


I just sat

Looking out at the world


Trapped in thought

A flutter

My eyes are captured

A glance enamored   


Out of nowhere

Full of color

Flitting by

This beautiful dance in air

I was delightfully captured

How lovely

The world does have light


How exquisite 

The False Light

As I look out into the darkness, I see each light, dotting the blackness. Each signifying a life, are they living their lives? One can never tell by how brightly they shine. No, for many have found ways to reflect or drain the energy from others, he source never truly being their own. Who can tell a true life light from those whom have contrived some so artificial? Light the fluttering creatures flapping through the night, drawn to the bulbs gleaming in the dark, drawing towards its warmth. The false lights that bring death and pain, they strive the burn brightly to be nothing but unreal. This world so full of falsifiers, were can the truth be found, the true light to guide, to give life? Tell me, how do we survive, all these lies…

Trying Not To Die

I sat in the darkest room, trying to paint the light. Nothing of any brightness could I see, my eyes would not envision. Trying for an inspiration in memories, the shadows fluttered on by. Scorning my creative thinking, taking a bite out of my life. Was I even living in this blackened hole of time, shriveled as a fallen trees. Would no one rescue me? Did saving I want to be? I don’t think so, let go of lost stories. This painting will always be unfinished, at least in my mind. That was how I was, that is how I no longer want to be. Fight. The struggle is truly real, this me. Trying not to die.

Torture In The Mind, tonight

I sit here and watch my thoughts flutter. Flying all around, never in one place do they stay. I wish they would remain far away from the pain, soar freely. Will they always wander towards the darkness. A sudden shudder sends me to a gruesome sight. A single thought does abruptly shatter my reality. Thinking things which once did consume me. Of blood deeply running red, coursing steadily downward. From my fractured flesh a flow freely weeps crimson the tears I cannot shed. My wounds do speak for me, the words that are hidden just out of sight. I cannot speak what should be said for fear I’d fall into deepest dread. Those memories still haunt my daily drifting, no lights in my sight. Does the mind ever become free from these torturous binds? Or forever will this horror be on repeat, to be seen a million times?