Ticking Hands, Taking Hands

Tick, tick, tick
The time passes by
Minutes are leaving
Never to return
This little clock
So haunting
Is it mocking
Cursing me
Everything runs away
Never to return
Wanting something
Something more
Oh, cruel hands
They do nothing
Nothing but take
In my silence
You shout
Shout at me
Reminding me
All the things lost
Never to come again
Tick, tick, tick…


A Tail was Told, A Song was Sung

Will the nightmares continue?

Making my brain rot?

Am I falling into madness?

Surrounded on all sides,

My mind is breaking.

Or at least it is the way it seems.

Dance a little dance,

Broken is my tune.

Fa la, la de da, do do.

I will be spinning out of control,

Nothing to grasp,

Not tied down.

Falling, falling faster down,

Where will I land?

The craziness is infesting my dreams.

Will it make or break me?

Or just take me on another ride?

Twisting and turning,

Horrors untold,

Fiendish tails to behold.

Fa la, la de da, do dee.

If this keeps up,

Soon, for sure,

There will be nothing of me!



like a dying flower


like this shattered glass


like a desert herb


like a childless widow


like a moonless night


like a lost kitten


never again like that


When Darkness Once Was

Did you feel the darkness?
Did you hear it calling?
Did you know it deeply?

Cruel and lonely
Like a fog with purpose
moving ever closer
trying to consume

Yes, I was there
I did feel
I did hear
I did know

The shadows
so consuming
Devouring my soul
and I did let them eat
such a sad feast
Broken and Brittle

This was me
This was my everything
My all

Each long, despairing night
Each darker than the first

Yes, once
for me
all there was


A Prayer of A lonely Heart

Today I sit


Be alone doesn’t have to mean one is lonely

But today it does

This struggle

Newly found

Forever familiar

Different stages, different lives

Very the same thing

It does no good to reach, not along the horizon

I must reach up

To be embraced

The suffering has not finished

Still so much to overcome

This battered soul does live again

Who am I

And why

Crying tears in darkness, shades of grey

Once before I hid away

No face did I wish to see, no other life to intertwine

Living I did not wish to pursue

Death called to me

Come here to be

I did die

I was reborn


So now I strive to live, to thrive

I had discovered just how short each precious life is

God did bless me

His favor I do receive

I have nothing to grieve over

No worries or hopeless gleams

I just now face my weaknesses in the mirror

Even more so to be renewed

To be completely cleansed of all that was

Of all the bitter pain

But I still feel so alone

In this whole wide world

So empty it seems to my recovering self

Father reach out and let me continue to cling

For only can satisfy this longing

Only you can fulfill my needs

Here I pray

Let me look only and always to you

Please save me from myself

Bless me with a hope that uplifts, a place to belong

Where have me destined set me on that path

On that way

That way to…

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Before Time Stopped

It has been a thousand years
Since the time was right
Before there was a cause
A defeat
Time is running out
Nothing left
Not worth fighting for
Give my life to the righteous
Those worthy of life
For me it was not given
No more fear
Run away
Fading existence
Then maybe they will feel my sorrow
If my soul were not mine
Giving the last away
No praise be given
Please, they say, just waste away

Will I fall

i sit

in this wretched darkness

surrounded by myself

knowing blackness wants me

to consume me

the question is

will i let it

with it take the rest of me

i have so little

in truth it is nothing

will i burn with hatreds fire

feeling nothing but the disdain

with the happiness i finally found

will it vanish out of site

with i never be alright

were those sinning saints correct

dose love not belong to me

will i die in sadness

is loneliness what i deserve

will the twisting of the broken life 

shattering becoming dust

to be swept away by the warped wind

will i lie upon this bitter floor and take it

or do i have the strength to fight to be free

will i ever be free

Carpet of Lies

one foot after the other
a promise kept, broken
untangled threads
a carpet weaving
the traffic never seems to stop
your words are unraveling
nothing gained
only lost
words so tainted
its crime, you’ve lost
the patterns waver
the strings come bare
soon to be un-sowing
all the lies
have left us
no more showing
shattered words
you’ve lost it all