Ticking Hands, Taking Hands

Tick, tick, tick
The time passes by
Minutes are leaving
Never to return
This little clock
So haunting
Is it mocking
Cursing me
Everything runs away
Never to return
Wanting something
Something more
Oh, cruel hands
They do nothing
Nothing but take
In my silence
You shout
Shout at me
Reminding me
All the things lost
Never to come again
Tick, tick, tick…


Markings, Reminders

Imprinted upon my very souls

Lines etched deeply in my heart

Carved by the times I didn’t have a way

Can you even imagine

An event so traumatic

The images play on repeat

As if they were yesterday

The tragedies of life can pile high

Taking away pieces of me

Leaving seemingly nothing left

You may be thinking

Just move on, get over it


Not on hurt

Or even two

But maybe to scale

A hundred or so to begin with

Each a mark on my being

Trying to live

To not be defined by it all

To more than just survive

And give hope even to those who terrorized me

So every day I work it through

Try so so hard to let it go

To release the white knuckle grasp

Holding on for dear life

And through most of it

Not wanting to be alive

Death and darkness were my dearest friends

And now each day I battle

Taking back the stolen fields

The happenings of my sound mind

To revive a broken heart

Takes more than time

And the when is a point in my life

That is undefined

Can you at least just take my hand

Walk with me awhile

Along the shoreline

The battered land I reside in

Please love this unlovable piece

For this me is all I have

Not so Brave

They always have told you that you were strong

They could not see all things that were wrong

They have always thought you were brave

They didn’t know that you needed to be saved

It may seem to some nice words to hear

Maybe a compliment it did seem to bear

When the truth is being told pain is consuming

To live in each waking moment is dread looming

You may look at her and see a courageous being

Just scarcely clinging to life you are not seeing

All her life she has been living a life barely living

I suppose you could use those words to describe her

But each letter that do you speak is a reminder

Hard it is to know what she should believe in

So thank you for trying to give the undeniable win

Even if each phrase may seem to her hopelessly untrue

That fact that you speak up for her illuminates a life giving hue


alway broken

i am breaking
shattered beyond repair
my life is not worth living
lifeless is my soul
they raped every inch
leaving nothing whole again
stripped away
i am dying
as we all are
i hope to be
death please come to me
was away the memories
the creature i have become
used up
the whole dream a horror
my body bruised
aching with the memories of shame
my heart shattered
by all the false love given
my soul mutilated
by the very ones i loved
no there is no reason given
just taken
was all i was
nothing left
just a wish
to die
to erase every horrid feeling
every damned memory
take it all away
in an eternal bliss
may i forget these wretched images
take me away so i can never feel again