Ticking Hands, Taking Hands

Tick, tick, tick
The time passes by
Minutes are leaving
Never to return
This little clock
So haunting
Is it mocking
Cursing me
Everything runs away
Never to return
Wanting something
Something more
Oh, cruel hands
They do nothing
Nothing but take
In my silence
You shout
Shout at me
Reminding me
All the things lost
Never to come again
Tick, tick, tick…


This Is a fight

once something shining so bright
now dimmer a darker than night
no hope left for her here to fight
day after day she tried with all her might
in this darkness she has lost sight
all that was wanted was to do right
her body and soul shall fall from a great height
for everything around her gives her fright
for her in her life none left no light
eating away her weary soul with a bitter bite