The Waiting Breath

Do discover a new way
The version unwritten
A path not yet blazed

For what is this world,
If not a place to live in wonder.

To breath in each new day,
As if it were your very last.

Overwhelmed with joy

Do not believe that the age of discovery has passed.
Do not carry on as if you have known all the unknown.

We have yet to reveal the truth,
In all its raw beauty,
Its actually.
Beyond a mere belief.

This was never meant to be a moment lived standing still.
Do you not see,
The world keeps on spinning
As you await a reason to be alive.

Just simply live.


Fleeting Thoughts, Beautiful


I just sat

Looking out at the world


Trapped in thought

A flutter

My eyes are captured

A glance enamored   


Out of nowhere

Full of color

Flitting by

This beautiful dance in air

I was delightfully captured

How lovely

The world does have light


How exquisite 

Imperfect Love, for thee


Never did I wonder your love for me
If true
Never did I question your want of me
If so

Deep is our connection than core through the earth
Binding are the threads that make the separate parts a whole
Forever strung together as one heart

I did have a wish of you coming sooner

Being in my life before the broken times
Before beaten, bruised and battered
Just a tattered, dirty cloth
Before the times I lost my will of living
When I was still so full of Life

I wish you could have known me before the hurt

When trial after trail turned to burning
And wicked ways of life a burden
As I loved them without a reason
They took from me any sense of reason
I wish you had known me before my heart
was made so sad

I some times dreamed you would have fought sooner

Paid the price
Known the works of punished love
Fighting demons I could not
Breaking chains of entrapment fading

Oh, my love for you is never waning

I know it wouldn’t be so strong, amazing
If not for storms we had to pass through

I just wish some days I had the life to live for you
The life you live for me
The love you give so free
I wish I had more to give you
That it hadn’t all been taken, stolen

I wanted to save it all for you
I wanted to give you everything
Only you

But so long I sat alone in darkness
Taking bitter beatings

I am just so happy to have known you
To have you as my own
To know that you adore me
For me, no matter how I look

Yes, I wish you could have the best parts of me
But I do hope you love the broken things
The sorrow filled heart
This shallow soul so beaten

I hope we never part
For even if it isn’t perfect
My love for you is eternal, free, unconditional

For it is true
I love you
And only