Wicked is Its Ways

Beautiful words drip vicariously from your lips, falling to the floor with the sting of poison

What hope is there with the boundaries of who you say you are

The dread of death lingers sickly upon the shadows you leave behind in your wake of destruction

Devastation is the name called out by the vial corpses spread beneath you feet

Shattered souls rising from the ashes destroyed by flames of purest hate

Whoa to those who remain in its presence as one who is corrupt by glory

Those who stumble in the war path of this one that ravages every living force it sees

All those bitter beings will understand dispair in the deepest of realms and in the worst of ways


The False Light

As I look out into the darkness, I see each light, dotting the blackness. Each signifying a life, are they living their lives? One can never tell by how brightly they shine. No, for many have found ways to reflect or drain the energy from others, he source never truly being their own. Who can tell a true life light from those whom have contrived some so artificial? Light the fluttering creatures flapping through the night, drawn to the bulbs gleaming in the dark, drawing towards its warmth. The false lights that bring death and pain, they strive the burn brightly to be nothing but unreal. This world so full of falsifiers, were can the truth be found, the true light to guide, to give life? Tell me, how do we survive, all these lies…

In those Broken Moments

My mind, I think I’ve lost it, if thinking is what I’m doing. Feeling seems more the saying, every thought seeping through. I lie awake trembling, remembering all the pain. Have I gone crazy sleeping in this bed? A place that should bring safety, gloats terror in my eyes. Seeing everything wrong with me. All the sorrow I have lived. How do we keep going? How I do strive to want to live? Please, just let me survive.

Trying Not To Die

I sat in the darkest room, trying to paint the light. Nothing of any brightness could I see, my eyes would not envision. Trying for an inspiration in memories, the shadows fluttered on by. Scorning my creative thinking, taking a bite out of my life. Was I even living in this blackened hole of time, shriveled as a fallen trees. Would no one rescue me? Did saving I want to be? I don’t think so, let go of lost stories. This painting will always be unfinished, at least in my mind. That was how I was, that is how I no longer want to be. Fight. The struggle is truly real, this me. Trying not to die.

Love is Light

I could dance forever, with you by my side. They said love is a broken broken bottle, shards shredding your soul. Does it really break us? Is that even love? Love gives, everything to survive this brokenness. This is what I have found from you and me. The light has shown a little so brightly in our hearts even in the darkest hours. Be a beam to clear a path for the world to see. True love is more than what you want, it is what you give.

Torture In The Mind, tonight

I sit here and watch my thoughts flutter. Flying all around, never in one place do they stay. I wish they would remain far away from the pain, soar freely. Will they always wander towards the darkness. A sudden shudder sends me to a gruesome sight. A single thought does abruptly shatter my reality. Thinking things which once did consume me. Of blood deeply running red, coursing steadily downward. From my fractured flesh a flow freely weeps crimson the tears I cannot shed. My wounds do speak for me, the words that are hidden just out of sight. I cannot speak what should be said for fear I’d fall into deepest dread. Those memories still haunt my daily drifting, no lights in my sight. Does the mind ever become free from these torturous binds? Or forever will this horror be on repeat, to be seen a million times?

A War Waged Unprepared

I stole myself away before there was nothing left to take.

My heart lay in shattered ruins, the once beautiful city so bright.

Brittle, broken shards of life lingered at my feet.

My soul hung from a tree, the rope drown tightly about the life force.

Is that gruesome thing by the city gates the heart which once rested within my breast?

How could I have let this carnage take place here?

Why was there nothing to defend the most delicate of places there?

I was not prepared to live in the dark and tangled world of bleak despair.

The bloody battle raged for years with nothing I could do.

Tools needed to prepare oneself for such a war I did not have.

But now I am here, in the midst of this ruined city, surrendered.

To my maker, the founder of my foundation.

A hope beyond this refuge pile that seemingly continues grow.

With the maker of beauty in progress I know the future is bright.

I know for sure that something full of light is on the way.

After all this blackness consume, to be refreshed is inspiring.

One day I will find myself shiny and new.

All that I will know shall be of he who has made me whole.

The story of You and I

The story of you and I
We met, what seems, so long ago, an appointment made by the divine. Our lives became entwined, in those days when we were younger. I never knew, from that first look, that you would be mine. You told me later on, your fateful glance gave you an image of me as your bride. The Heavens were very aware that we were meant to be. We each knew our paths were meant to meet, and to never separate. Till death do us part we shall remain. We made this commitment with each other in mind. Know I wanted you to smile and you wanted my joy. Many blessings we would receive from each ones company. Even through all of the pain, the tear stained sorrows our love would grow into the depths. My heart is yours. It was destined to be yours, always. Yes, together is the place we love. To us, in one another’s embrace is this earth’s happiest place. No terror nor trauma can rip us apart. Bound by eternity our love with forever remain.

Was It Me

Did I Wait to long to heal?

Was it too much to just hold as I was? Broken and frail.

Was it all my fault for being hurt, for being shamed?

What could I do?

I had nothing to work with.

There was nothing in me. Nothing at all.

I was nothing. I am nothing.

This is the Battle I fight every moment of every day.

So why couldn’t you love me?

This is me.

A broken porcelain doll, shattered on the floor.

The Flower You Gave

Today you placed a flower upon my grave.

It was the first flower that you ever gave.

How sad, that today would be that day when gifts were received.

That very hour I would no longer remain as believed.

From this world I was taken within a shard of time,

I have vanished completely with no real reason or rhyme.

Can you ever forgive me for not saying goodbye,

For ever moment I was given breath you weren’t meant to cry.

To live, to love joyously within my embrace.

Life did send me upon a merrily, evil chase.

Even when pain in my depths I could hardly grin and bear,

You stood closet to me with out any fear.

Now, everything else has come much to late,

Our time is up, I’m sorry but there is no debate.

I am gone, all that is left of me in this place are my remains,

Flesh and bone with fade away leaving nothing but a stain. 

I wish you had noticed I was disappearing

No one took any notice that I was completely despairing.

Because you waited to reach out, to try to touch me.

At this very point in time it is no longer meant to be.