Ticking Hands, Taking Hands

Tick, tick, tick
The time passes by
Minutes are leaving
Never to return
This little clock
So haunting
Is it mocking
Cursing me
Everything runs away
Never to return
Wanting something
Something more
Oh, cruel hands
They do nothing
Nothing but take
In my silence
You shout
Shout at me
Reminding me
All the things lost
Never to come again
Tick, tick, tick…


Her Shade

She was haunted. Haunted by a ghost of the past that seemed more a ghoul.
It shattered her belief in safety, reliance on any other being.
The daft spirit gave her no rest, especially in the dead night.
Her dreams became nightmares and only she could hear the screams.
Poltergeist by a force unseen by all with one exception, her.
It fed off of the fears that poured out from within her.
Will she die alone and lonely with only this shade to morn you?

Chained by the Past

Why dream
Why close my eyes
To face nothing but nightmares
To be haunted
Terror absorbing me
Shear terror
Awakening in shock
Covered in a cold sweat
Shaking body
No comfort for me
Surrounded by darkness
Alone with my despair
I cannot remain in this place
Yet I can not seem to move
Frozen with fear
How do I escape this pain
How do I get out of the past
It seems it will never leave me
It will never release me

A fool you are, we are…

What a fool,

To believe that an evil would transform into something else,

That it would some day become good,

All because you love it.

How foolish indeed.

To even dream of such an impossible scene,

There was never a time it could be true.

Some things will never change.

Especially by you.

We are weak and sad creatures,

Who wish for something beautiful to appear in the darkness surrounding us,

To be free from the shadows encompassing,

To save a soul.

These things we can not do.

I know,

For I wasted away my days trying so hard to love the broken back to wholeness,

It cannot be done by ones such as us.

Only the truth,

The light,

The Maker of life,

Only He can do that which is impossible.

To fix all that we have broken,

To make beautiful what we have destroyed.

Only He can love us all perfectly.

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Why I Shut the Door

I lock myself away from the world,

behind closed windows and bolted doors,

trapped inside those four walls.

I try.

I go out.

I wander.

But my fears overwhelm me,

shattering my already broken being.

Suffocated by light.

Overcrowded by color.

What can happen? What will happen? What has already come to pass?

The faces seeing.

The voices shouting.

The fingers gripping.

Only in loneliness is safety secure.

Unguarded I can fall inward.

Yes, stay inside. Stay safe. Be me, away from the world.

I know I can not live this way, I can not be alive in this darkness….,

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Don’t Pretend, Don’t Lie

Did I not know it? The path to take? The journey to make?

How could I have lived in darkness so easily, I often wonder.

You may ask why do they stay? How could they let that happen?

Don’t, do not ever ask those questions. Because you do not really want to understand.

You have never felt that kind of fear.

You have never understood this kind pain.

You have never loved the darkness, hoping someday it would be the light.

You can not ask those questions of insincerity and say that you care.

We don’t need another liar in our broken lives.

We cannot even answer those questions completely.

Life doesn’t always go the way we had planned.

Sometimes it is more a living nightmare.

A broken dream, don’t make me laugh.

Do not measure my suffering.

Do not think you have ever known me.

No, I don’t think you would have made it through my dreary journey…..I almost didn’t.

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Maybe, Perhaps

Do you ever sit in your own skin, wishing you could get out?

Shred it all apart, maybe start over again? Perhaps burn it all to the ground.

Slice away the layers, maybe shed the painful marks.

Could these dreams in darkness mean it was all a reality?

The searing truth burned deep into my brain, memories of shame.

Can’t I just be? Let me hate myself right here till I rot away.

Maybe you can understand being done playing the game called life.

This is the end for me, can you even know what shadows haunt my soul?

Wanderlust to Freedom

To wander through the lands and find to where my heart belongs,

Break free from shackles that have held tight from so long ago

Heart, soul, spirit, body all that is my being an more

Then whence had not one but all of these hid away never to be seen

My soul feels broken from all the shameful, bitter days

Each moment held below the surface deep, unable tot take breath

What shelter may I find in the beauty of the world surrounding me

No longer to linger in the wastes of yesterdays battles

A light will lead me forward into a brighter beyond

Shall we feel the hope that was once cut from my being

I find that even in my deplitated state I strive for something more

So now I wish to journey with no destination but the trail I shall walk

Wicked is Its Ways

Beautiful words drip vicariously from your lips, falling to the floor with the sting of poison

What hope is there with the boundaries of who you say you are

The dread of death lingers sickly upon the shadows you leave behind in your wake of destruction

Devastation is the name called out by the vial corpses spread beneath you feet

Shattered souls rising from the ashes destroyed by flames of purest hate

Whoa to those who remain in its presence as one who is corrupt by glory

Those who stumble in the war path of this one that ravages every living force it sees

All those bitter beings will understand dispair in the deepest of realms and in the worst of ways

In those Broken Moments

My mind, I think I’ve lost it, if thinking is what I’m doing. Feeling seems more the saying, every thought seeping through. I lie awake trembling, remembering all the pain. Have I gone crazy sleeping in this bed? A place that should bring safety, gloats terror in my eyes. Seeing everything wrong with me. All the sorrow I have lived. How do we keep going? How I do strive to want to live? Please, just let me survive.