The House of Broken Glass

I found a little shop today
Along my path I did spy
Full of many peculiar things
Mingled with the ordinary
It was there I found it broken
So small twas overlooked
A piece I’ll treasure forever
For like me it did not fit
I cling to such unsightliness
For a home it does need
And loved as I so do wish
A home for all those lost
Shattered beauty I behold
Surrounded by the dream
Hoping to be one precious
A piece to mend empty
To each thing left a wanting
Hold on to a joyful future
No truer story had there been
Today, tomorrow, forever more


Our Love Remains, Binding

If I had loved another, any other but you, I would not have loved at all. No this love of you is what has kept me alive! Living in the space of time. Never alone, even when we are miles apart, we are next to each others hearts. Can I not hear your breathing, your voice in my head. My mind is overwhelmed by your essence in each moment you are around. Yes my Love, only you could it be, to be in my life, my heart, my soul entwined. Each year that passes, never does it wane, but stronger still. Like a tree taking root to remain, our has too, for life and divine shall hold us in this place. Nothing shall shake this love in, never will it move, firmly founded, strength in standing, together as one we shall always be.

Invisible Mountains and Valleys

There were days I couldn’t climb the ladder,

Or was I even on it at all?

It seems as if I climb so many mountains,

Never reaching the next,

Maybe I had conquered them all.

I seem to be repeating at times,

Falling into valleys, deeper then one should go.

No one can see me here,

Climbing all alone.

Not one person can really understand,

All this sorrow I have born.

The distances I have traversed,

Places I have seen,

In darkness and shadow.

It can be told of all the depths I was pulled out of,

The heights to which I had climbed.

This story of great,

The triumphs and falls,

Are written here on the scars,

The scars on my heart.

Digging Our Own Grave

And in the filthy mire he did find me, broken and alone. Gone away I had wandered, dying on my own. Life was far from any place I ever wanted to remain. Being alive I truly did not want to be. In darkness, in scum I did lie, covered in grime. To buried in depths of perpetual suffering, always dying. That is what I had resigned myself to, that morbid place. Something more I was made to live, something greater. Tis true my story was nothing but dirt and shame, yet this amazing grace did save. Loved, I am truly loved, from this I will surely live.



like a dying flower


like this shattered glass


like a desert herb


like a childless widow


like a moonless night


like a lost kitten


never again like that


Fear Down

The fear rises to consume,

a terror in the night,

darkest of frights,

filled with horrors unspeakable,

how can I fight this,

will I before I die,

eating my tears as I sleep,

a soul deeply vexed,

draining my life,

drifting with a broken heart,

a shattered spirit,

living in nightmares,

that is what did seem,

to be my eternity,

There is something greater,

Brighter than light,

Breaking my bounds,

No more darkness,

Just a life lived in freedom

Finally living,

Only trusting the truth,

That is saving me.

A Brain Trap

Trapped within the darkness

the places I am confined

repeating yesterdays or yesteryears

a cycle doomed to repeat

failures looming over and over

destruction playing as a reel

the movie ending you hate to see

like a horror film lived

or a thriller with a dreaded end

over and over again I see

all the hell on repeat in my brain

memories so chillingly dark

dreams filled with broken shadows

please just stop playing

just be gone, just go away



After it All

In the blood
In the aftermath
In the sorrow

Off all that has happened

What is more then me
What has been

What will I be

All the darkness
I sifted through

Does this pain have


Did it make me


Or am I still weak

After it all

All the bloodshed

Broken souls

Has me essence grown

Rise above

Or fall below

After that massacre

Has there been an after

Mirrors Knowing

A sudden glance

A pausing stance

The mirrors reflection

What truth lies there

How many facades formed

Who is she

Staring back at me

So many questions

They form at the tip

I know the answers

Or at least so I believe

But do I know truly

Can I really find it all

All that I may need

Lost in the distance

That look of longing

What is this boiling fear

The future unknowing

A past filled with pain

Which seat shall entrap me

Might I take hold of life

Live here in the present

Tell me oh you who does but stare

You who looks at me

Through me

Do you know

How do I look

How do I live

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Changing Seasons

Changing with the seasons is not all that bad

For we grow

We must to live fully, if just to be alive

Being different is better than remaining, turning stale

One must remember


As a season remains a season, even as it gives way to the next, a season it still is…

So to you must remain yourself and no one else

To be free to be

There is nothing like it to thrive

We see each life drift from another, as the clouds by the winds mighty hand





Take us away from those earlier days

We can never find what once was

Only dance in what is

For to remain in the shadow of the was will leave without an is

So let the weather lead

and change

like the wind

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