Ode to My Pillow

My beloved Pillow, how I do miss thee when I am gone away.
Far from home and my own bed I miss thee.
Shall I count the ways?
There is not another that molds like thee to my simple dome.
None compare in gentleness or tone.
Only thee may cradle me swiftly to silent slumber.
However shall I sleep away from thee?
Nevermore, no never more


Feeling You

Laying in the blackness
The softness of our bed
Surrounded by blue
Dim lights
Softly touching you
Wrapped in tightly knitted cotton
Our warm
And yours
Touching eachother
Feeling you
So close to me
Your skin
So hot
Falling asleep
Into one another
Melding as one
The sun has set long ago
The stars stare us down
sparkling through this window
Far above our bed
My head and yours
My hand in yours
Fading into dream
With you
As one
We are
You and I

a cycle

The sun is set

The stars do sparkle

The wind tickles my feet

The darkness is sweet

The creature come out

Everything less bright

Soon sleep will come

Taking over my time

And this cycle shall start all over again

So now


Heavy eyes of sadness

Sleep soundly


Was I in your dreams

I watch him sleep
It comes to him with such ease
Something I envy
But I am glad
Glad he can rest in such peace
Watching him
I smile
I wonder if he is dreaming
Hoping it is of me
Nestled deep in our covers
Next to me

So wide awake
Just knowing he is beside is enough
I don’t need sleep if I have him

He looks so sweet
When he closes his eyes
Preparing for a new day
My dreaming prince
Sleep well

A Place of Rest

Death lingers sweetly
Wafting through the air
Drifting all around
So subtle a comfort
Safety in the stones surrounding
A life once living lies beneath me
No pain
No harm
No shame
No judgement
Sorrow and silence
I find my solace here
Earth encasing life lost
Nothing to fear
No one
No one
To shame me
Enslave me
My grave
My soul is safe in this place
For now I can rest
As the dead in their beds
The final resting place
A longing I wish to be
There in the ground
Surrounded by earth
Safe from humans
From the harm
And betrayal
And abuse, the pain
The sorrows, the shame
The safety of a coffin
Deep underground

drunkenness shallowness

feel the i can’t feel or
can i what is this this sickness eating at me
what am i lying on the floor
so awful
so sick
blurring eyes broken body frail frame
weaving shaking
i can’t sleep
never again i
promise myself for once i hope
i hope i listen i truly hate pain
even if I use to
l o v e i t
ne ed ed it
i feel stuck in place
never ever again
this is the end of this craziness
the end