Head in the Clouds

Sitting here
Staring into the sky
Covered with clouds
Just floating by
Not a worry in the world
A purpose defined
So full and fluffy
Gazing into love
Forming a dream
Life as a breeze
Fresh insight
What a perfect day


Wings un-chained

And I dreamt a dream only dreamt by those who have been set free
Dreaming of the things only freedom will allow
No shallow things with distance ever a deepening fear
For once in my life I can fly
Always having wings broken unable to soar
Being grounded kept me suffering by those who had chained me
Whipped and beaten by the lies of those criminals
Shattered was all I believed I could claim
And even so I am more then that which has marred me
Mangled may be the interior unseen be
I am drawn only by loves true compassion
To survive and share in any hope I have found
I am more then the sum of all the pain, all the suffering
I am a free spirit
Soaring in the sky

Befriending Thyself

There lies the ocean yonder, a few paces farther than looms the groves
Places to be who are with no one to judge
No prejudice, crimes, or lies will be cared about here
All that matter is, well what ever is
Just breath in a the air untainted by man’s progressive ingenuity
You belong to you and nothing else, no dept, nor burdens or mishaps
Just see what you see what you view as the as it is
Not as they or them tell how it is no
Please, no, just look through the eye given you
Observe the serene, scout the tranquil terrain surrounding you
Be everything you can be, for there is nothing else to be
Don’t let your thoughts of the world invade
Be at peace for today, in this place
Calmness is what you should feel in this palace of earth
Here is the sky, the sea, meeting yet never touching
Fear not, they are meant to be
The land and the sea are friends and enemies of the best
Gently hold one another
Fiercely beating away each other from the other
In love they are
As are we
So come with me
Come and just be, let the cares be their own mate
Retain nothing but beauty, beauty and love