Ode to My Pillow

My beloved Pillow, how I do miss thee when I am gone away.
Far from home and my own bed I miss thee.
Shall I count the ways?
There is not another that molds like thee to my simple dome.
None compare in gentleness or tone.
Only thee may cradle me swiftly to silent slumber.
However shall I sleep away from thee?
Nevermore, no never more


Death’s Embrace

Tears cover my pillow, nothing dry to lie on
Drowning in my sorrows, as I try to sleep
A slumber that only comes with forced sedation
Hoping twisted dreams don’t become a horror
The story broken, not a good ending in sight
The horrible truth of a life I never wanted
To fear the world that is all surrounding
Not being able to live a life that is at all alive
Death is my closest friend, calling to me
Nightly we converse, he asks me to join him
The pain will disappear for good my sweet
A bliss of eternal flames to encompass you
Burning away of the fury of the rages burning
Those that ate your heart and devoured your soul
With such ease they broke your spirit into piece
Let me keep you safe in my eternal embrace