What In The World

This world has little to offer me

These thoughts has been breeding deeply

Within me I feel this truth

There are many tempting things

Materialism is running rampant

Always wanting what we think we need

I do give in way to often

The next best technology teaching me

A great sweater warming while fashionable

I am however trying to not be influenced

Not by what is the latest hot topic

I fall victim to the desires growing by my need to express

Who am I and what does that mean

How can I show what that is

I have begun to realize that fact

Buying things that reflect the inner you is a way

But there are far better

More simple yet profoundly freeing

In all the fury of the past storms

I have realized less is so much more

Less to cling to holding you down

Where in this world do I belong

Slowly with each passing moment I know

I do not belong to this world

And in reality I really do not want to

Anything beautiful and great about it

Was given to it by it’s creator

Everything else is just not worth it



To you…

To you I give my love
To you I surrender my heart
My beloved to love you is a win
Dreaming is never enough
So sweet to feel you near
So sweet your voice to hear
Beloved you are everything to me
My darling never leave me behind
For we are one and the same
My soul glows with compassion
My spirit yearns for your touch
Never leaving
Even when you are gone
We are connected
Destinies intertwined
Two separate people are in eternity one
For you a breath my breathe
Sing my song of love
My beloved
My one and only
My forever


Love, a lifeless legacy

I wonder
Through fields soaked in blood
Soil tainted by hate
The white gown I wear
Becomes stained
As I walk and linger
My bare feet stumble on bones of fallen
Touching death
Feeling safe
Battles waged in wars of fear
Years upon years
The soldiers here lay
Souls fighting for a love that is a fairy-tale
A long lost dream
Now broken
Lost to the world
Forgot by those for whom they fought
Shattered spirits linger
Sorrowful sounds fill my ears
I understand
I am one
I am here
I have been wounded by this weapon of love
The false black dagger
Lunged deep into my back
How will your love be remembered
What will be said
Your legacy
On this crimson field we lie drowning in

WHAT is love, What is US


My Love
am I loved
will you love
Will this always be
People have left
and ……broke
I have nothing
Will you stay
do you
do you love me
Save me
help me
I am broken
so broken
so weak
I have been used
by many
.am i
will we survive
My love
Just you
and just me
and ever
Are we


Crying into the Abyss


I hear you calling
Out from this abyss
Hope I can understand
Knowing you want me near
Trying to reach for me
Even if you cannot see
You won’t give up on love
You won’t give up on me
No matter how hopeless I am
Or filthy I feel
You deem me worth of you
You keep trying
To shine that light of yours
Deep into my crippling darkness


Imperfect Love, for thee


Never did I wonder your love for me
If true
Never did I question your want of me
If so

Deep is our connection than core through the earth
Binding are the threads that make the separate parts a whole
Forever strung together as one heart

I did have a wish of you coming sooner

Being in my life before the broken times
Before beaten, bruised and battered
Just a tattered, dirty cloth
Before the times I lost my will of living
When I was still so full of Life

I wish you could have known me before the hurt

When trial after trail turned to burning
And wicked ways of life a burden
As I loved them without a reason
They took from me any sense of reason
I wish you had known me before my heart
was made so sad

I some times dreamed you would have fought sooner

Paid the price
Known the works of punished love
Fighting demons I could not
Breaking chains of entrapment fading

Oh, my love for you is never waning

I know it wouldn’t be so strong, amazing
If not for storms we had to pass through

I just wish some days I had the life to live for you
The life you live for me
The love you give so free
I wish I had more to give you
That it hadn’t all been taken, stolen

I wanted to save it all for you
I wanted to give you everything
Only you

But so long I sat alone in darkness
Taking bitter beatings

I am just so happy to have known you
To have you as my own
To know that you adore me
For me, no matter how I look

Yes, I wish you could have the best parts of me
But I do hope you love the broken things
The sorrow filled heart
This shallow soul so beaten

I hope we never part
For even if it isn’t perfect
My love for you is eternal, free, unconditional

For it is true
I love you
And only


Unreasonable Reality

Red lights.
Long lines.
Slow Traffic.
Paying for dates.
Raised Taxes.
Nothing In the fridge.
Children screaming.
Cooking cleaning.
Going to a meeting.
Sharing time, things.
Waiting rooms.
Finished games.
Doing chores.

Family time.

Life is boring.


come on really…

she cries after being beat again tonight by the one who promised to love and cherish her all her life. feeling bruised , weak, lifeless from a love that’s taking your life.
blood is dripping from the gashes left in her arm by the razor she picked out for today. see it dripping. smell the iron. darkness surrounding. to depressed to smile. no one there to care.
waiting for food that may never come. barely making it on this bread. its ok, no one will notice if i’m dead
once a stranger now a friend took advantage of me in my bed. day after day. while her parents let him in their house to stay. no i’m dirty. who to pray to.
she found friends who want to use her then abuse her. words they say. rumors they spread. gifts they give, of knives in backs and shame in story.nothing left to feel the glory. for her it’s all the love she gets.
broken souls. shameful heart. tried to pick it up and make a start. give her love. freely. one and one to all. save and share, face not life’s turmoil alone she did declared. now their gone. shes alone. waiting for the sun to shine some day.
battered body. failing feeling. emotions out of stock.

unreasonable is the stories of those broken, fallen, weak, with no hope, help, or love enough to live life truly, freely. reality may not be so bad. i wish mine had been better…