Invisible Mountains and Valleys

There were days I couldn’t climb the ladder,

Or was I even on it at all?

It seems as if I climb so many mountains,

Never reaching the next,

Maybe I had conquered them all.

I seem to be repeating at times,

Falling into valleys, deeper then one should go.

No one can see me here,

Climbing all alone.

Not one person can really understand,

All this sorrow I have born.

The distances I have traversed,

Places I have seen,

In darkness and shadow.

It can be told of all the depths I was pulled out of,

The heights to which I had climbed.

This story of great,

The triumphs and falls,

Are written here on the scars,

The scars on my heart.


Just Us


Let me stay here longer than just a moment

Wrapped up in you

Encamped within your deep embrace

Safe, secure

Warmth radiating all the way through to my soul

Penetrating my tattered heart

Keep me covered up with everything you are

Beloved, let us just be

Let us leave the world behind

Just you and I

Nothing left to fear

Love is all we have, all we are, forever

I am in need to be here, together

Even if it is just for the time being, let it last forever

Just me and you