The Waiting Breath

Do discover a new way
The version unwritten
A path not yet blazed

For what is this world,
If not a place to live in wonder.

To breath in each new day,
As if it were your very last.

Overwhelmed with joy

Do not believe that the age of discovery has passed.
Do not carry on as if you have known all the unknown.

We have yet to reveal the truth,
In all its raw beauty,
Its actually.
Beyond a mere belief.

This was never meant to be a moment lived standing still.
Do you not see,
The world keeps on spinning
As you await a reason to be alive.

Just simply live.


A fool you are, we are…

What a fool,

To believe that an evil would transform into something else,

That it would some day become good,

All because you love it.

How foolish indeed.

To even dream of such an impossible scene,

There was never a time it could be true.

Some things will never change.

Especially by you.

We are weak and sad creatures,

Who wish for something beautiful to appear in the darkness surrounding us,

To be free from the shadows encompassing,

To save a soul.

These things we can not do.

I know,

For I wasted away my days trying so hard to love the broken back to wholeness,

It cannot be done by ones such as us.

Only the truth,

The light,

The Maker of life,

Only He can do that which is impossible.

To fix all that we have broken,

To make beautiful what we have destroyed.

Only He can love us all perfectly.

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I am Finite, I am Broken

When you break a mortal’s soul, does it forever remain shattered? Can fixing it ever come true? Trying to keep going every day, pushing on through. Whatever shall I do? I went on forward, hoping to keep on sweetly living. Care for those, love for these. In the end all that did was batter me. This brokenness cannot be fixed so easily. No repair shop to send it out to. No professional to mend the missing pieces. Nothing can replace what was.

I do have hope. I have a love that is true. A healing light. Only He can fix what you did wreck without a single care.

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Imperfect Reflection

Your gaze reflecting mine, that deep look in your eyes. This love is truer then the sky is blue, this is my love for you. Broken beings, forever in a passionate embrace. And this one plus one does not equal two but is just an eternally one. For you and I are the twisted image of a purely, perfect love. Our desires seem but shallow in the picture of the true story we share. A divine inspiration gives us only a fraction of the whole we shall one day live. Dear beloved, there is nothing greater, to love you beyond me. The day will come when the end will be summed, for all we have will no longer be stained. How blessed are we to have such a dream as this, this love of you and me.

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Dreaming Fantasies

Trap me in a corner, kiss me deeply

Press yourself against me, hold me in your arms

Embrace me when my back is turned

Keep my heart racing, quickening the pace

Make me fall in love again, over and over

Each moment that we are granted, make me yours

Our love is true, is passionate

Fill my dreams with fantasies of your charm

Let us live each day to the fullest, keep me warm

I want to run forever wrapped up in you

Love is Light

I could dance forever, with you by my side. They said love is a broken broken bottle, shards shredding your soul. Does it really break us? Is that even love? Love gives, everything to survive this brokenness. This is what I have found from you and me. The light has shown a little so brightly in our hearts even in the darkest hours. Be a beam to clear a path for the world to see. True love is more than what you want, it is what you give.

The story of You and I

The story of you and I
We met, what seems, so long ago, an appointment made by the divine. Our lives became entwined, in those days when we were younger. I never knew, from that first look, that you would be mine. You told me later on, your fateful glance gave you an image of me as your bride. The Heavens were very aware that we were meant to be. We each knew our paths were meant to meet, and to never separate. Till death do us part we shall remain. We made this commitment with each other in mind. Know I wanted you to smile and you wanted my joy. Many blessings we would receive from each ones company. Even through all of the pain, the tear stained sorrows our love would grow into the depths. My heart is yours. It was destined to be yours, always. Yes, together is the place we love. To us, in one another’s embrace is this earth’s happiest place. No terror nor trauma can rip us apart. Bound by eternity our love with forever remain.

The Flower You Gave

Today you placed a flower upon my grave.

It was the first flower that you ever gave.

How sad, that today would be that day when gifts were received.

That very hour I would no longer remain as believed.

From this world I was taken within a shard of time,

I have vanished completely with no real reason or rhyme.

Can you ever forgive me for not saying goodbye,

For ever moment I was given breath you weren’t meant to cry.

To live, to love joyously within my embrace.

Life did send me upon a merrily, evil chase.

Even when pain in my depths I could hardly grin and bear,

You stood closet to me with out any fear.

Now, everything else has come much to late,

Our time is up, I’m sorry but there is no debate.

I am gone, all that is left of me in this place are my remains,

Flesh and bone with fade away leaving nothing but a stain. 

I wish you had noticed I was disappearing

No one took any notice that I was completely despairing.

Because you waited to reach out, to try to touch me.

At this very point in time it is no longer meant to be.

Our Love Remains, Binding

If I had loved another, any other but you, I would not have loved at all. No this love of you is what has kept me alive! Living in the space of time. Never alone, even when we are miles apart, we are next to each others hearts. Can I not hear your breathing, your voice in my head. My mind is overwhelmed by your essence in each moment you are around. Yes my Love, only you could it be, to be in my life, my heart, my soul entwined. Each year that passes, never does it wane, but stronger still. Like a tree taking root to remain, our has too, for life and divine shall hold us in this place. Nothing shall shake this love in, never will it move, firmly founded, strength in standing, together as one we shall always be.

Just Us


Let me stay here longer than just a moment

Wrapped up in you

Encamped within your deep embrace

Safe, secure

Warmth radiating all the way through to my soul

Penetrating my tattered heart

Keep me covered up with everything you are

Beloved, let us just be

Let us leave the world behind

Just you and I

Nothing left to fear

Love is all we have, all we are, forever

I am in need to be here, together

Even if it is just for the time being, let it last forever

Just me and you