The Haunting Relm

Awakened with fear on my breath, sweat caresses my entire body. My heart rapidly beats as I lie here trying to distinguish reality from fiction. The horrors in my mind unwind around me, falling away in to falsehood. Yet, a shake to my core. The truth is, it may not have been real, but I was there, living that pain and terror. I cannot shake the memories that threaten to consume. Just when you think you are safe, when you can confront the nightmarish past…it rips into your flesh, as a fresh wound. I continue to tremble through each moment I remain awake, fearing sleep, even more so, afraid to face the day. Even when I am awake I can feel the cold chill creeping up my spine. Will these haunting’s ever leave? Or chase me till eternity?


A circle of protection

When I try to be at peace I am corrupt by memories, shadows from the past.

Dreams of horror reflected on that backs of my eyelids.

Taking small pills to kill the giants who plague my nights.

Yes how horrid a soul I am, how cruel

Turn your face to the sun and the shadows smile of hate.

How sad an existence I live,

How pathetic.

In my path of searching,

To discover something new in giving rest,

There lay a circle cast with elements reigning.

Each corner singing to me softly,

lulling my dreary head to a safer dreamland.

Yes, here it, here is my protection.

What is them gem of life lighting my lids?

Now will my night be a sanctuary of peace?

Will I be left alone…

Will they dare follow

how shallow am I