What In The World

This world has little to offer me

These thoughts has been breeding deeply

Within me I feel this truth

There are many tempting things

Materialism is running rampant

Always wanting what we think we need

I do give in way to often

The next best technology teaching me

A great sweater warming while fashionable

I am however trying to not be influenced

Not by what is the latest hot topic

I fall victim to the desires growing by my need to express

Who am I and what does that mean

How can I show what that is

I have begun to realize that fact

Buying things that reflect the inner you is a way

But there are far better

More simple yet profoundly freeing

In all the fury of the past storms

I have realized less is so much more

Less to cling to holding you down

Where in this world do I belong

Slowly with each passing moment I know

I do not belong to this world

And in reality I really do not want to

Anything beautiful and great about it

Was given to it by it’s creator

Everything else is just not worth it



Darknessess Maiden

A darkened maiden



Weeping behind her veil


Wetting mine cheeks

My arms only holding myself

Curled up In the drenching rain

In this garden

A graveyard

Filled with the dead

Only they can know

Only these silent heads

Are harmless


Her loneliness consuming

If only she they beneath

Her flesh rotting

Not only her soul

In her cold drained heart


Once was

What you see is not what is there

What is there is far from what was once

Taken or stolen

The crimes of the shallow

Fills us up with tainted scum

Leaving hollowed out holes

Allowing the storms of sorrow to sweep through

Moans of a broken heart

Can never be heard

If they are never given words

For all is left is weakness

And no one to speak up

The death of a soul will go unnoticed

By all

For this is my fate

As wretched beings wreck havoc

All upon a fertile land

Laying waste

To all that was

  • Fate (donethisbefore.com)

Hidden Scars

Places you cannot go

Sights the eye will never see

Marks left by a sightless thing

Bruises that will never heal

Emotions that have left them sealed

Broken deeper under skin deep

They worked their terror

Without raising a limb

But took away the will to live

With invisible weapons

More harmful than that bullet

Deadlier then a venomous bite

Wounds that will forever remain out of sight

No ointment could heal them

Buried beneath what you can see

These scars they’ve lain deeply upon me

Eternally marking my broken heart


Will you…really

Shattered ice
Shattered ice (Photo credit: ellensamuelsson)


And tonight you see
See into the darkness that follows her
Follows her like a dog begging
A shadow seen
Known by her
It’s name bitter on her dry lips
The closest of friends she dare say
At least that has become her belief
Her strength
In her sickly, weakness
But can you dare to understand the pain
Will step in her shoes
Know the terrors that haunt her night after night
How lonely
How sad


Breath in the stale air


Can you be as broken as she
Shatter in pieces
Around your feet
Believing she is fine
This is the only way
This her life in all its disgusting glory
Fading away
Into the blackness that has chased her
Faced her with an unbridled fury


Will you at lest be with her in her loneliness
Or like the world
Walk on by
Not even a glance
Fearing her shame
Not wanting to help her in her pain
No time
Of mine to give another
She’ll be fine


But our own truths are not reality
Are they….



Was I in your dreams

I watch him sleep
It comes to him with such ease
Something I envy
But I am glad
Glad he can rest in such peace
Watching him
I smile
I wonder if he is dreaming
Hoping it is of me
Nestled deep in our covers
Next to me

So wide awake
Just knowing he is beside is enough
I don’t need sleep if I have him

He looks so sweet
When he closes his eyes
Preparing for a new day
My dreaming prince
Sleep well

Self, medicated

Feeling the drugs floating through my veins
Not fully aware of its exact time of impact
But it is true
It is a pure feeling
The only hope I grasp for a peaceful sleep
Will it come soon
Or wait for its own time to come
Please no nightmares
No night-terrors to be drenched in an unwaking horror
Let these little white and yellow pills ease the pain
Fade the memories
Be my friends in a loveless world
Keep me company
Safe in my mind
Do as your were prescribed
Reduce the neurotic voices screaming in my head
Keep me calm
Away from the trigger I desire to pull
This life of mine
I so wish to end
Hang from a noose
The body of my dreams
Before my haze filled eyes
I am seeing nothing hopeful
No land in sight
For this drifters safety to fight
Drowning in tears of which can not there be an end


Thank you – FOR NOT CARING

Why me
Why does it hurt
How could you
I cared
I loved
Sacrificed for all
Forgotten by many
Nothing in my will
[Nothing to save]
Forever nothing
I gave it all
You took more
It wasn’t enough
A broken person
can’t help
A broken person
But you used me anyway
Hiding behind that lie
Laughing at the love that wasn’t real
Taking virtue sweet
Swallowed whole
Darkness eating away the life
That isn’t left

What is Safe

Beasts we fear, are protected like treasured gems, while the brittle, weak creatures whom they attack are imprisoned for the sins of the monster. All fear the charming wolf who, with ease, eat our lambs, yet we keep safe the demons, happily fed, full and running ramped. Can we ever be safe? Can we ever be protected?