Her Shade

She was haunted. Haunted by a ghost of the past that seemed more a ghoul.
It shattered her belief in safety, reliance on any other being.
The daft spirit gave her no rest, especially in the dead night.
Her dreams became nightmares and only she could hear the screams.
Poltergeist by a force unseen by all with one exception, her.
It fed off of the fears that poured out from within her.
Will she die alone and lonely with only this shade to morn you?


Linger With Me, sweetly

Will you sit with me in my darkness? In the shadows of my past? The haunting dreams of a journey taken, one of mold and unbroken? I linger here, in the night. For it a place I can be myself, whoever that may be. I thought I knew. I suppose there never is a certainty. We all create an image. One that might not be true. Or to put it better most likely never was. What are we? Human? What does that mean? So many people, so many religions. For centuries being told what it means to be us. I can’t tell you who I am. I could give a name. Size, truthfully. Height. Hair color. Gender. Lineage. But is that all I am? I do believe I have a soul. I have way to many emotions for there not to be. I am not a computer. Not a machine. This is more to the me then just the molecular level. However, I can’t tell you what. I use to know. Or so I thought. I seemed so sure. Do I even want to know? Sometimes I like being lost. It gives me a purpose. A reason. To do what? At least search. If I never find. All I can is oh well. It would seem my destiny to not have found out. Yes. Those are my thoughts, as I sit here. The sun going out. The stars to glimmer. Are they my friends?