Her Shade

She was haunted. Haunted by a ghost of the past that seemed more a ghoul.
It shattered her belief in safety, reliance on any other being.
The daft spirit gave her no rest, especially in the dead night.
Her dreams became nightmares and only she could hear the screams.
Poltergeist by a force unseen by all with one exception, her.
It fed off of the fears that poured out from within her.
Will she die alone and lonely with only this shade to morn you?


Sorrowful Shade

A wisp of something once there
Distant as if it will disappear
Far gone beyond human reach
The hope of a life is gone
You can see it if you perceive
But shallow if you deem
What you look upon isn’t the truth
For you see with your eyes
Not what, who is standing here
The ghost in a shell forgotten