Beauty Blossoms Bright

I want to see beautiful things
Tour the world see something new
Bright and lovely
Living in colors only imagined
I want to be free of the dark
No more shadows
Only light filled days
Bring me flowers of every kind
Trees glistening with life
My feet in the sandy beach
The ocean before me dancing merrily
Can this be more than a dream
Please my love
Travel with me in beauties delight


Fragrant Freedom

Fragrant flowers will only unfold under summer’s sun.

Letting free the aroma when temperatures are warm,

Weather has left behind its mighty winds, open sky,

And seasonal downpours. They unfold in layers to

Reveal the beauty that has lain dormant during the

Years dying times. Filled with a life you had forgotten

could exist during the time of winters spell. Trodden

Down by darkness and frigid tempest haunting our

Path through dismal times. That delicious aroma will

only ever appear when  it knows it can be set free.

What isn’t Now

Sing me a song that hasn’t been sung
Build up a bridge that hasn’t been burned
Tell me a truth that isn’t a lie
Give me a love that won’t make me cry
Fill me with emotions that won’t corrode
Live with me a life that is whole
Bring those flowers that mean what they say
Keep sorrow away, at least for a day
Hold me with hands that won’t leave a bruise
Share with me,tell me you care
Give me words that are not empty
Tell me a story that hasn’t been written
Spend a dollar that I can’t return
Love me forever without conditions
Stay with me now as I forget the pain
I don’t want to play any games
Let us be who we are whoever that may be
Right here in the now, we are, aren’t we