Truly Taking Flight

I never knew that I was able to take flight,

I never understood the sky could be the limit,

That in reality my flight could be limitless.

Freedom beyond anything I knew

Trapped under years of lies piling high.

What was I doing dying all those days past?

Why was I so afraid to spread my wings?

Lingering words form so many lips,

Hurtful things that grounded me for life.

I believed that I was never meant for height,

No, not I.

I was nothing.

I belonged to the dirt,

The grime.

Barely crawling through the pain.

I never dared look at the sky.

Now there is no looking back.

No one can stop me from soaring without shame.

This is my life to be,

To  hope,

To see.

Dance with the wind and leaves.

Cloud prancer.

This is the new me,

The person I was always meant to live.

And that is not the end.


Every End is a Beginning

Every Sunset will become a Sunrise

Any last page, a closed book

Gives a chance for new one to be read

Every dark and shadow filled night

Breaks way for a brand new day

Start over after every try

Don’t give up and think it is over

When that one song ends a new one begins

A fresh start around every failure

Something we think will end us

Can send us to something different

Keep fighting, keep it up

When the curtain falls on this play

A fresh recital starts soon after

Keep dancing and singing and playing the part

For as long as we breath

We can and will began again

Life Review, preview

Look back,

Looks like an Epic tragedy


With nothing to prove

Because who would see

What was

Who would hear truth

Who knows

My life

How sad



Or so I think so often

But why

What is life’s purpose


And what does that mean

Every definition is different

We are all


So I am in discovery


It will all be new

and old

But it will be me

Done with yesterday

Why wait for tomorrow

I’m here today

So life was a downer


No where

That was it

Or so it seemed

From that past

I push for a future

With Him

It is

Is all

After it All

In the blood
In the aftermath
In the sorrow

Off all that has happened

What is more then me
What has been

What will I be

All the darkness
I sifted through

Does this pain have


Did it make me


Or am I still weak

After it all

All the bloodshed

Broken souls

Has me essence grown

Rise above

Or fall below

After that massacre

Has there been an after

Changing Seasons

Changing with the seasons is not all that bad

For we grow

We must to live fully, if just to be alive

Being different is better than remaining, turning stale

One must remember


As a season remains a season, even as it gives way to the next, a season it still is…

So to you must remain yourself and no one else

To be free to be

There is nothing like it to thrive

We see each life drift from another, as the clouds by the winds mighty hand





Take us away from those earlier days

We can never find what once was

Only dance in what is

For to remain in the shadow of the was will leave without an is

So let the weather lead

and change

like the wind

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